Ins;ght is a multi-media theatrical production about depression, suicide, and solutions. Following a successful World Premiere in Nairobi, Kenya, Ins;ght was performed at the Alter Ego International Theatre Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Read the in-depth review by Ivy Nyayieka in Business Daily here.

Please read the in-depth review by Ivy Nyayieka in Business Daily (above).

The Suicide
a Work of
Performance Art

Ins;ght moved me deeply; the choice of music, the choreography, costumes and overall effect were profound. It also had the effect of stimulating extraordinary conversations about depression amongst the friends who accompanied me, talk that continued all evening and proving how the performance had deepened all of our understanding about depression. Thanks to all who were behind the creation of Ins;ght, especially Jenetta.”

Juliet Barnes
Author, “Ghosts of Happy Valley”

Ins;ght left me feeling I had experienced a translation of a sacred book from an arcane language into modern English. Under Jenetta’s direction and to beautifully haunting music, the cast expressed how it feels to be depressed, how it feels to be suicidal, and how it looks to outsiders. I know that it touched and inspired many people amongst the audience to say, yes, I have felt that way and yes, that’s how it feels; I have been heard. I acknowledge the courage and belief that it took to create this extraordinary production.”

Moyra Earnshaw
Artist, Nairobi, Kenya

I watched Ins;ght many months ago, and yet the profound impact it had stays with me and resurfaces regularly, expressing itself through newly developed empathy and understanding. The stirring glimpse of depression and how it can impact everyone in the family was a big eye-opener for me. With dance, music, colour and humour, Ins;ght lifted the veil of secrecy and pain that can weave its way around those impacted by depression, and has left me looking at the world through new and more compassionate eyes.”

Jenny Fletcher
Nairobi, Kenya

Ins;ght was incredibly moving. Reducing me to tears of deep empathy at times and very warming at others. We all have good days and bad, a chattering head requiring firm action or gentle, but I know that for some it is very much more consuming, the lows and then the highs, both of which are crippling at times. And seeing this show will help make peace with these feelings. To accept and not struggle so. Ins;ght really helped me to appreciate that both the highs and the lows are acceptable and we must respect them both, possibly gaining our power in both states however loud or quiet. The group I put together to come with me, were all blown away by how powerful this show was.”

Nikki Riley

About Our Founder

To a growing list of people she’s inspired, Jenetta Barry is a legend. Jenetta had to come to terms with the suicide of her 16-year-old daughter. In doing so, she discovered her own remarkable resiliency – and a process for imparting it to others.

Jenetta today is sought-after internationally as the go-to counselor for people in extreme circumstances – i.e., survivors of terrorism – and as a transformational influence to troubled and suicidal teens.

While best known as an inspirational grief specialist, author, speaker, and teacher, Jenetta has a background as a performing artist – she grew up with theatre in her blood. Her mother was a performer on London’s West End; her father, a theatre critic and impresario whose Equator Sound Studios put Kenya on the international music map, is considered by many as “the father of Kenyan music.”

Meet Our Choreographer

I loved the challenge of creating a dance around a serious topic.”

Arnie Umayam, who is Artistic Director and Choreographer at The Academy of Dance and Art, Nairobi, Kenya, and has showcased his choreography at the production of Mama Mia for KADS, has graciously donated his spare time and talent to making this production possible.

Originally from The Philippines, Arnie’s prior performances include the WiFi Contemporary Dance Festival at the Cultural Center of The Philippines, Windows to Paradise with Ballet Philippines, Ramon Ubusan Folkloric Dance, Tanghalang Pilipino under The Philippines Department of Tourism, and Around the World in Eighty Days: The Musical – Asian tour with ABA Productions, Hong Kong.

His major choreographic works also include: May Day Eve for the Philippine Opera Company, Hukuman ni Sinukuan for the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors Company, and Zodiac 1: Tale of Prometheus and Pandor for METTA.

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Moyra Earnshaw Sketching Our Beautiful Dancers

I want the world to stop and people to freeze and to go up to people and change their lives, make them understand: Suicide is an excuse, not the solution. (Jenny Barry 1989 – 2005)